Why Copper?

Copper is an effective antiviral metal. It has been proven multiple times by the scientist across the world in various studies that it deactivate Viruses in few minutes of contact. We have extensively used Copper in our sanitary napkins.

Why Activated Carbon?

Activated carbon is very proficient in odor removal because it has micro and macro pores to pull molecules into itself there by absorbing them, as well as attracting them and holding molecules on its surface there by absorbing them.

7 Layer Protection

Layer 1 : Skin friendly virgin layer
Layer 2 : Copper & Activated carbon patented coating layer
Layer 3 & 4 : Airlaid Paper
Layer 4 & 5 : Super-absorbent Paper with Liquid Lock Protection
Layer 6 : High Absorption layer
Layer 7 : Water Resistant Layer